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The International Neuroscience Network Foundation
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The global explosion of neuroscience research and the cutting edge technologies emerging from this field are driving groundbreaking advances in the fundamental understanding of normal brain function as well as the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying neurological disorders. These advances have the potential to impact millions of people worldwide by providing early diagnosis and new treatments for serious illnesses such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, as well as other neural impairments induced by disease or injury.

Many of these advances have occurred as a direct result of interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration. At the forefront of these achievements is an increase in our understanding of how information is encoded in the brain and how this knowledge can be used to diagnose and treat neural diseases, through new methodologies, medicines, or devices. As a vivid example of the power of this approach, recent research on brain machine interfaces by multidisciplinary teams of neuroscientists, engineers, computer scientists and physicians has demonstrated that neuronal ensemble recordings can be used to drive external devices; offering hope that the emergent field of neuromedical devices, or neuroprosthetics, can improve the quality of life for patients suffering from motor impairments such as paralysis. Establishing communication directly with the neural system through recording and stimulation is a powerful new area of brain science and business. While this paradigm is still in its infancy, it provides an excellent example of the leaps in progress that can be achieved when multiple disciplines like neuroscience, engineering and technology are integrated to address fundamental scientific inquiries and new products that address the brain. Although this field is still in its very early stages, there have already been dramatic demonstrations of its therapeutic promise for wider clinical application including Parkinson's and other neural disorders such as stroke and depression.

The International Neuroscience Network Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing multidisciplinary science and technology of the brain with specific application to promoting dramatic changes in human health. The Foundation's annual financial reports are available upon email request to the INNF Financial Administrator.

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