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The International Neuroscience Network Foundation
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Global Science & Technology (S&T) Development Grant and Initiative

The International Neuroscience Network Foundation (INNF) promotes and supports scientific discovery and social advancement through its neuroscience and robotics education outreach programs. Through the dissemination of Global Science & Technology (S&T) Development Grants, the INNF aims to help educational institutions and organizations develop and provide programs in neuroscience and robotics to students in grades 5-12. These programs are intended to instill and strengthen interest in science education and to improve overall student achievement. In addition, as part of a global network of INNF sponsored programs, each one offers students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of other cultures and societies. Through a variety of media, recipients from different locales around the world exchange social and cultural information, and share ideas and progress related to respective projects. Primary and secondary schools, after-school programs, supplementary education programs, and nonprofit entities are eligible for the grants.

students around table experiment
Students of the Alfredo J. Monteverde School of Natal, Brazil work to complete science project. SEED students get up close view of the preparations for FIRST robotics competition.

Activities supported by the INNF Global S&T Development grants during 2008-2009 include:

Robotics clubs and classes
Presentations by leading neuroscientists and researchers in related fields to the larger school population
Visits to leading universities and laboratories for academic and research experiences
Discussions with peer group graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in neuroscience and related fields
Travel to and VIP access for students at high school and college level robotics competitions
Participation in robotics competitions
Cross-cultural, multilingual, virtual robotic problem solving collaborations
Mentoring opportunities at local and international businesses and universities

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