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The International Neuroscience Network Foundation
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February, 2013

The International Neuroscience Network Foundation (INNF) Donates Science Books to DC and Fairfax County Public Schools

October, 2012

SEED Science Dinners

May, 2012

SEED Students Get inside Look at Careers in Internet Technology

April, 2012

Mountain Goats to Walking Robots: What Animals Can Teach Us

March, 2012

Department of Defense Engineer, Mr. Oliver Barham, Speaks to SEED Students

February, 2012

Johns Hopkins' Pediatric Cardiologist Visits SEED in recognition of American Heart Month

November, 2011

NIH Researcher Promotes Careers in Science to SEED students

October, 2011

FDA Scientist Speaks at SEED on Heart Health

September, 2011

INNF Sponsors Adult Science Fair at SEED School

February, 2011

Canine Genetics Topic of Recent Talk by Dr. Tyrone Spady

January, 2011

Georgetown University's Dr. Stephen Baker Talks with Students about Reconstructive Surgery and Efforts to Help Others around the World

November, 2010

Sam Droege and "Bee Science" Come to SEED School

April, 2010

INNF Judges Successful Second Annual SEED 8th Grade Science Fair

March, 2010

Dr. Benjamin Walker Discusses Brain Science with SEED Students

February, 2010

Boston Dynamics Visits SEED to Discuss "Big Dog" Robot Project

December, 2009

INNF Sponsors Visit from Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Scientists

October, 2009

INNF-SEED School Partnership Awarded 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant

March, 2009

Duke University Medical Center's INNF Funded Research Sparks Hope for Parkinson's Disease Treatment

December, 2008

J. Craig Venter Institute Mobile Lab Visits SEED School, sponsored by INNF and Merck Fellows

December, 2008

Dr. Marc Raibert, President of Boston Dynamics, Serves as Guest Speaker for Making a Difference Through Science Seminar Series

November, 2008

INNF Joins with the Association of UNCF - Merck Fellows (AUMF) to Sponsor Fall Kick-Off of Making a Difference Through Science at SEED School of Washington, DC

June, 2008

INNF Sponsors Educational Activities in US and Brazil

May, 2008

INNF Leads Major International Research Collaboration in the Genetic Basis of Taste Perception

January, 2008

Monkey's Thoughts Makes Robot Walk from Across the Globe

February, 2007

The 2nd International Neuroscience Symposium
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